About Postal Delivery of Software

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Order is Very Simple !

Enclose a cheque (like International Postal Order or Eurogiro) worth amount of software you want to purchase in an envelope, and throw it down your nearest post. Then you can just relax until delivery of our software. Make sure to keep following conditions, for our sake.

  • Always notify your subject (name of software you want) on front side of envelope.
  • Always write address of sender on back of envelope. Please do so, since such would prevent postman's faults and our delivery mistake.
  • In case of our duplication mistake (no disk), inform us through e-mail.
  • If your disk crashed, send us the crashed disk and self-addressed envelope. About 8 NFL / 650 pesetas amount of transmission fee is appreciated.
  • Please contact following address. Or contact us through e-mail if you have such access.

    To: Makoto Ishikawa

    Tamanawa 4-4-13, Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken, JAPAN. Postal code: 247-0071

    In case of emergencies (like when software does not reach you), contact:

    E-mail: support@delta-z.msxnet.org

  • Summary of Software (list increase as soon as newer software completes)

    Software NameAboutPlatformPrice
    Fighter's RagnarökCommand-input type man-vs-man fight featuring 10 charactersMSX2 or later1000 yen worth